Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Partner on the run

Now that Matt has committed to doing a half, he's getting in the training mode and I'm loving every second!  This weekend we managed to get 4mi together, then I went on for 10mi more and he went on for 2mi more.  This was his longest run since Bay to Breakers about 8 years ago, and that was fueled by beer so it didn't quite count.  Unfortunately it took about three days to loosen up.  Last night we knocked out another 3mi just around the Queen Anne loop.  The tandem runs were made possible by Matt's folks being here (babysitters!)  Now we'll see how we can continue to co-run.  May need to be a couple relays for a while where the baton is the boyos.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lunch runnin'

With a jam packed schedule of (1) wake up, (2) get boys up, (3) make breakfast, (4) make and pack lunches, (5) get boys dressed, (6) get me dressed, and (7) get to work, I don't have much time to jam a run in.  Then, when I get home from work and having another tight schedule of (8) make dinner, (9) convince boys to stop playing, (10) eat dinner, (11) homework (if we're lucky), (12) play games, (13) get boys ready for bed, and (14) read boys stories, evenings again aren't time for a run. 

Hence, the lunchtime run!

I've taken to blocking out at least 1:30 every day to run or workout at the gym.  That's really just 30min to run, and time on the other end to change, shower, and eat.  Thank goodness for showers in my building because today for some reason was a spectacularly humid day so post run I was not in prime shape for meetings (as in addition to mornings and evenings being jam packed, every 30min in between seems to be, too). 

Favorite post-run lunch/snack?  Smoothies!  And loving that it's finally season.  We just got a Juicy Cafe in SLU and my all time fav is spinach, banana, mango, spirulina, and ginger.  Yum!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

It's been quite a year.  We had a bladder cancer scare (Matt), cyst (me), and many sicknesses we call the plague (Wilson and Cole).  It's been a delightful year, too.  My dad turned 70 and can still out cycle me.  My mom's quilting is amazing and she gifted a quilt made of my race shirts recently (more on that another time), and the boys excelled in 1st.

On this Father's Day I'm thankful for many things... from my dad, I'm thankful I learned to have an eye for art.  I'm thankful I've been inspired to find sports as part of life (cycling and running are key sports), and I'm thankful for kindness and love.  From my Matt (dad of Cole and Wilson), I'm thankful for peace, happiness, and love for me and my family.

Here's to dads, and here's to inspiration through family and love.