Thursday, November 20, 2008

Running to be a mommy

So, it’s official. I’m pregnant. I found out on November 21st and was a bit shocked. Happy, shocked, and freaked.

When the test first showed two lines I didn’t believe it. So I did another. Still didn’t believe it so I bought a different type of test – the type that says “pregnant” or “not pregnant.” After the first one of these I thought maybe it forgot the word “not.” So I did yet another. Thoroughly dehydrated and convinced, I called Matt. The call was thrilling – we were both giddy and felt as if we were disconnected from the world – only to the two words “I’m pregnant.” Then fear snuck in.

I was initially freaked because, as most late 20-somethings in San Francisco do, I had gone out the night before for dinner and wine with co-workers. A lot of dinner and wine.

After reading studies from UK clinics and the Mayo Clinic and then seeing a Dr. I was convinced I hadn’t caused FAS in this early stage. Phew! One hurdle down. Now the rest of the fear.

Will it be healthy? What do I eat? Can I work out? OMG, I qualified for Boston and can’t run now – I’ll be 6months by then… Where do we live? How can we afford this? And about a million more.

All in all, I have to say I’m thrilled. I have had “hush little baby” stuck in my head the past week and every time I see parents pushing their stroller by I feel a pang of joy in my heart.

The next nine months will be … interesting. The rest of the years after that, fantastic.

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