Sunday, July 21, 2013

A weekend of pre and post

This weekend was a weekend filled with befores and afters.  We're still knee deep in our basement renovation and while researching paints / flooring / carpet / tile / etc., we knocked a few other big things out.  Namely ...

We installed a lawn! 

After a LOT of digging, raking, and more, it was time for another makeover.  I took the boys to a "grown up" hair place for a haircut.  They got to go to the trendy hipster-esque place Matt goes on top of Queen Anne.


During Cut:
 All in, a full weekend!  And that doesn't even cover cleaning house, swimming, too much work, a BBQ at friends, and hanging with the dog we're dog sitting. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Marathon woes

Some marathon woes include missing toenails, sore muscles, and lost social life (due to training) ... today I'm facing the woe of I was too late to register for the Big Sur Marathon!  Registration opened at 7am, I logged in at 9am ... and it was already sold out.  Major bummer.  Here's what I find rather comical, though - there's a 21mi distance, and it still has openings:
I can't bring myself to register for this, though.  If I'm going to register and pay $100+ for a world famous marathon, I want the full shebang!  Coming up 5mi short just doesn't cut it.

Now to find a replacement ...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

See Jane Run Half Race Report

I took June off from racing (not on purpose - time is just going too fast!) and got back in the saddle with the See Jane Half in Seattle today.  This was my third time doing this race - in 2011 I ran it in 1:43:24, in 2012 I ran it in 1:32:49, and this year ... drum roll ... I ran it in 1:31:30 and landed my shiny new PR - woot!

This year I was lucky enough to be an Ambassador for See Jane Run which was awesome.  It's a great organization and I'm happy to get to be involved with them.  Here's a pic of some of the other Ambassadors:

So here's the nitty gritty about the race ... first off, it was HOT.  I lined up with a couple minutes to spare (after a long wait for the porta potties) and recognized a few faces at the starting line which was pretty cool.  I globbed onto a group of frontrunners at the start and went out ... first mile was 6:20 - too fast!  I kept the pace for a couple more miles along the perimeter of Lake Union but by mile 4 I was slipping.  Being super thirsty didn't help.  The first couple miles had great water stations, but they were all on one side of the course even during an out and back section meaning that on the "back" part I couldn't get any water.  My bad for not carrying my water bottle today.

Mile 5 I ran past my work which was pretty fun, then started over the Eastlake bridge. Miles 6 and 7 I was slipping again, but by mile 8 I felt like I was getting my legs back.  I fell into a rhythm somewhere between Eastlake and Wallingford zoning out looking at boats. From miles 9 - 12 there was another out and back - this one was a ton of fun as all the women were cheering each other on and hooting words of "good luck" and "almost done."

Rounding the turn at mile 13 I saw my boys (all three of them) and was so super happy to have my run crew there.  Wilson got pretty upset, though, as I ran past because he couldn't figure out why I wasn't stopping for high five, knuckles, hug, and kiss (our hello / goodbye routine of late). 
Post race, we explored Gas Works park climbing and running with the boys.  Then we found a cool mosaic to traipse around looking for different sea animals.

 Good times!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My babies are FOUR! And I can't believe it.

They have been asking when their birthday was for the past 6-months - every day I think it felt so far away for them.  Every day went WAY too fast for me!  I can't believe they're already 4. 

Matt and I made it to school for cupcakes with our boyos yesterday (the actual day) and then beelined up to swim class for a sugar loaded session.  When we got home, Cole stripped off all his clothes and insisted on eating his pizza dinner naked ... fitting (birthday suit, get it?)

Today our neighbors surprised the boys by decorating the house with streamers.  Our boys bring me such happiness and clearly they bring it to others as family, friends, and neighbors (who are also friends) celebrated these two laughing, joking, sweet, smart, handsome, loving boys. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July and the 4-year old countdown

This past weekend my mom was in town and it was awesome.  I think it was one of the first weekends when it didn't rain while she was here.  The boys did come down with a little summer cold, though, but not horrible.

My mom got in Wednesday just after the boys' swim class.  Thursday Matt worked in the yard while my mom walked around downtown.  That afternoon my mom and I took the boys on the bus to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) downtown.  We lucked out and not only was the museum free as it was the first Thursday of the month, but a special Japanese fashion and future exhibit was on and that was also made free because of the 4th.  This was the boys' first time to a "grown up" museum ... all they really liked though were some cool cars hanging in the lobby and a little playroom we found.  Of course.

Friday Matt had to work.  My mom and I took the boys to the beach in Ballard and played for hours toggling between the playground and the beach. 

Saturday the boys had a dentist appointment first thing in the morning (no cavities - the dentist even complimented them on flossing so much).  Later in the morning we made our way to Fox Hollow Family Farm in Issaqua for Grace's (their friend from school) birthday.  I didn't get enough pix of the party but I think her mom belongs on Martha Stewart - the decorations, food, party prize bags, and every other little detail were amazing.  Big virtual high five.  The boys LOVED the farm - they went on a little train there at least 8 times, drove around in mini battery powered farm mobiles (which made my heart stop but they were totally into it), enjoyed the petting zoos (yes, multiple), and successfully exhausted themselves in giant jumpy houses.  Rad. 

Sunday was fairly mellow.  I snuck in a 9mi run in the morning (I need to get my mileage back up!)  Then my mom and I walked around Queen Anne looking at all the mansions.

All in, a great weekend.

Monday, July 1, 2013


I never thought I'd say this in Seattle ... it's roasting!  This morning when I left for a run at 5:30am (bad enough being so early) it was already close to 75 degrees.  This afternoon the temperature hovered in the mid-80s - crazy.

This past weekend we spent most of the time dodging the heat.  Saturday we worked in the garden a bit.  Then we made our way to Madison Park to feed ducks and walk along the water.  We found a few great trees for climbing too.  After a failed attempt at a nap, we up with a buddy from work and his dog at the dog park.  Our boys love two dogs (Colt and Tucker) and we tend to "borrow them" as often as possible - this way we don't have to buy a dog yet :).

Sunday was a definite water play day.  We met Sasha, Laura, and Max in Ballard for awesome pastries at Cafe Besalu.  After croissant, the boys and Sasha played in a water park in Ballard dodging sprinklers while Laura and I got our nails done.  This time the boys crashed for a nap.  After naptime we made our way to Nicole, Salil, and RJ's for blow-up pool time where we hung out for over 3 hours.

Simply perfect.