Monday, July 1, 2013


I never thought I'd say this in Seattle ... it's roasting!  This morning when I left for a run at 5:30am (bad enough being so early) it was already close to 75 degrees.  This afternoon the temperature hovered in the mid-80s - crazy.

This past weekend we spent most of the time dodging the heat.  Saturday we worked in the garden a bit.  Then we made our way to Madison Park to feed ducks and walk along the water.  We found a few great trees for climbing too.  After a failed attempt at a nap, we up with a buddy from work and his dog at the dog park.  Our boys love two dogs (Colt and Tucker) and we tend to "borrow them" as often as possible - this way we don't have to buy a dog yet :).

Sunday was a definite water play day.  We met Sasha, Laura, and Max in Ballard for awesome pastries at Cafe Besalu.  After croissant, the boys and Sasha played in a water park in Ballard dodging sprinklers while Laura and I got our nails done.  This time the boys crashed for a nap.  After naptime we made our way to Nicole, Salil, and RJ's for blow-up pool time where we hung out for over 3 hours.

Simply perfect.

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