Sunday, September 27, 2009

Capturing as many moments as we can

Today we did another photo shoot with the boys and it was a BLAST! John and Karen are the photogs AND the hosts with the most - we went over to the Creek and they not only set up the mini-photo studio, but the BBQ'd for when the pics were done. Here are some of the highlights (note, these are our non-prefesh shots - the good ones are yet to come!)

Post shoot and lunch, we made our way to the pool (I have to tell you ... the burbs are kind of growing on me ... but only a little - SF still has my heart!) The boys tested the water for the first time - but only very briefly - in the 100+ degree heat, the water felt like ice and the yelps that came from our little men made us quickly towel them up and give cuddles. Water and swimming will come another time.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wilson rolling over!

You caught me ... I've become one of those moms with a video camera ... I now have Cole with the hiccups, Wilson with the smiles, and the newly added (drum roll please) Wilson rolling over!!!

Just wait until they start walking - I'll have to get mini camera helmets for the boys.

My version of marathon training

With work picking up, and the boys ready for more play time, workout and run time are scarce. So, here's my new version of marathon training:

This is way more fun than running anyhow!

I have been getting 3-5 mile runs in 5 times a week, but I just don't think that'll do it for the upcoming Nike Women's Marathon ... might have to do the half.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recoiling from recalls

I have never much paid attention to recalls. My favorite drink got recalled? Hm, it didn't taste bad - no worries. Now, though, I'm like a hawk on all the products we're giving our boys. Today I saw that Tylenol is recalling tons of infant liquids. Last week when the boys got shots the nurse recommended we give them some Tylenol in the evening so of course I dutifully went to Walgreens to buy the name-brand (that's another thing - I'll take generic myself but for some reason I only want to give my boys name brand meds) Infant Tylenol. The good news is our lot number isn't on that list, so the meds we gave our boys are not being recalled ... but yeesh!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Growing and growing!

While I'm working on shrinking (28lbs of pregnancy and a very stretched belly aren't that easy to lose!) the boys are working on growing ... and they're doing brilliantly at it! We recently had our friends, who happen to be some of the best professional baby and wedding photogs, take photos of the boys (a gift from godmother Ryan).
Our nights now:
Wilson Cole

Little burrito men (they LOVE these)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First day of daycare!

Today was the boys' first day of daycare (they're going to go part time when their nanny has school) and it was so hard (for me, not them!) Dropping them off my heart hurt - I almost didn't leave. All day I kept flipping to pictures of my little men wondering what they were up to. Luckily, my mom forwarded this video of Cole that helped get through the day (although I'm waiting on the Wilson video ...)

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Day in the Life with 2-month old Twins

Everyday is different with the boys - challenging, exhausting, and more awesome than ever imagineable. A typical day goes a little something like this:

6am feed to diaper to play time to sleep > 9am feed (same drill) > noon feed (same drill) repeat until ... you guessed it ... 6am the next day. We are getting quite a bit more normalcy in. Here are some of the highlights:
A very tired feed session (you don't get to see the other way lunch is served - I may be comf in my skin, but I just don't need to share that much skin):
Diaper and play time:

Off for some well needed Blue Bottle (YUM!):

Some weekend website QA - "take baby to work day"
Family dinner time - the boys would not be left out! (p.s. yes, he's in my shirt - he's getting squirmier by the minute - -little athlete in the making! P.p.s. that's an undershirt):

We missed 3 pee on daddy times, 4 bouts of hiccups, 1 walk around the block, 5 yelling just to be heard times, 15 cuddle times, 8 nap times (ahh), 2 "jungle" times, and much much more. The boys keep us on our toes and our world has definitely done a 180 - we can't imagine it any other way now.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

To do: Get "it" back

After getting my 6-week clearance to start exercising again, I quickly realized there's hardly any time. Not only are the twins now 7 weeks old and starting to require more attention (at the 3-5 week mark this is something I didn't think was possible), but I'm now back at work and doing website QA and marketing strategy until the wee hours of the morning. That said, I think it's important to incorporate exercise where possible into the daily routine for my health and mind - a de-stressed mom (and marketer - my "day job") = a good mom, plus, being on the "fit" side of things gives me more energy to help combat the little sleep I'm getting.

With Lisa here, and a new nanny on board, I've been able to get a 3 mile run in almost daily for the past week which feels SO good. I wrote about the "stinky" side of momhood a while back - the thing is, sweat does a body good (except when not showered off as my husband loves to point out). I've been able to find the time for cardio / my passion (running of course) but I'm still looking for the time/motivation to get "it" back. Running is great for general fitness and for me it's the ideal workout for the mind/body/sole (btw, that's my little hint/preview to a site in development), but running is not ideal for getting rid of the glorious rounded abs introduced by pregnancy and c-section. Introducing, The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post Pregnancy Workout DVD. I'm not a fan of workout DVDs - just the opposite actually, but I've done this a couple times and it's a killer. When Lis leaves and I lose my morning baby-watcher-so-I-can-run time, I'll start incorporating the DVD into the mix more as I can't yet bring the boys in the BOB so stay in the house workouts will become more needed. I can say in the few short times I've done this workout I can "feel the burn" - literally, it burns using muscles I haven't used in the past two months (in the greatest way).

I don't see myself getting the perfect Madonna or Gweneth body any time soon (although one can dream), but I do hope to get rid of the baby abs my twins and C seem to have left me with.