Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend roundup: La Conner

This weekend Matt's parents came to town and we took a reprieve in La Conner, a little port-side town on the way to the San Juan islands.  We drove up first thing Friday morning.  La Conner is a sleep little town on the water with cute art galleries, lots of little restaurants featuring great food from local farms, and great sea air.  We stayed at The Heron Inn, a cute B&B in the heart of town.  Friday afternoon we went for a run - together!  With my hurt ankle Matt and I are the same pace which is rather bitter sweet.  Friday for dinner we went to Nell Thorn and had a seat right on the water where we enjoyed local salmon, salad, and steak - amazing!

Saturday we took a long ambling drive home through Whidbey Island and then took the car ferry back to Seattle.  Along the drive we stopped at a raspberry farm in Whidbey and picked 4 lbs (!!) of raspberries.  Sunday Matt and Don rose early (5am!) for golf.  After a leisurely breakfast at home, Kathleen, the boys, and I made our way to Ballard farmer's market for more delicious local goods.  The afternoon brought a bunch of work for me, and pool time for the boys. 

AND, big news, we switched the boys to new bunkbeds ... tonight will be interesting. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Friday we took off from work early and made our way to Wenatchee's Wish Poosh campground with friends from the boys' school.  All in there were 10 kids ranging - a lot!  We all had a blast hiking around, splashing around in a nearby lake, and just "relaxing" in the trees.  IMO, camping isn't really relaxing, but being with friends is.

Day 1 we walked down to a beach/mud area to find sticks:
 Matt and the boys from some good ones!

For dinner one of the dads made amazing skewers and baked beans.  My favorite part of camping ... good food!
We left Saturday afternoon and a couple of the families were going to stick around another night but unfortunately it started raining too hard :(

All in, a good time. 

Pics are from our friend Mica because we forgot our camera.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend roundup: 4th of July fun!

My mom was in town this weekend and we got out and enjoyed Seattle.  As it's now July, the rain is finally stopping and we're getting some awesome weather.

Thursday I took the day off work and my mom and I hit up some museums and art galleries in Seattle.  Friday was the 4th and in the morning we made our way to Carkeek Park for some beach time. 

 My mom and I took turns making the teeter totter rock in the park, then we all ran down to the beach for sand castle building.

For dinner we had a great time at the beach and then BBQ'ing an amazing dinner of steak, oysters, corn, and then lots of salads on the side.

Saturday my mom and I brought Wilson to the Snoqualmie Falls, then we went for a super fancy brunch at the Salish Lodge.

Sunday we wrapped up the weekend with another beach and lots of sand castle building, then slip 'n slide and pool time at our friends.

All in, it was a spectacular weekend.