Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend roundup: 4th of July fun!

My mom was in town this weekend and we got out and enjoyed Seattle.  As it's now July, the rain is finally stopping and we're getting some awesome weather.

Thursday I took the day off work and my mom and I hit up some museums and art galleries in Seattle.  Friday was the 4th and in the morning we made our way to Carkeek Park for some beach time. 

 My mom and I took turns making the teeter totter rock in the park, then we all ran down to the beach for sand castle building.

For dinner we had a great time at the beach and then BBQ'ing an amazing dinner of steak, oysters, corn, and then lots of salads on the side.

Saturday my mom and I brought Wilson to the Snoqualmie Falls, then we went for a super fancy brunch at the Salish Lodge.

Sunday we wrapped up the weekend with another beach and lots of sand castle building, then slip 'n slide and pool time at our friends.

All in, it was a spectacular weekend.

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