Sunday, March 24, 2013

Race report: Mercer Island half AND Kid's Dash

What a great Sunday!  Today was a triple race day - I was signed up for the Mercer Island half.  Last night over dinner we were talking about the race with the boys and both asked if they could run.  I think a half is another 10+ years off for them, but we did see that the Mercer Island half had a Kid's Race that we could sign the boys up for ... this morning we made our way to the race expo and signed the boys up for the Kid's dash which was a 1/2 mile race.  They were SUPER excite to put their bibs on.  They stretched, ran around, and then both got totally nervous at the starting line (nervous and not quite sure what was going on).

Cole went out blazing - he was one of the front runners, and definitely the front runner of kids his size / age (there were some older kids).  He got very serious as he ran, but every time we or others clapped for him he lit up.  Wilson was more the turtle in the race - slow and steady.  I took a short-cut to see him at the 1/4 mile turnaround and he wanted to take the short-cut back up the hill.  At this point, Wilson was one of the kids in last (2nd to last to be precise), but most of the other kids were on their parents' shoulders by the turnaround.  We didn't cheat, and Wilson didn't get on my shoulders - instead, we held hands and ran the 1/4 mile up to the Finish.  At the finish line Cole kept asking if he could "go again please please please."  He then asked when his next race was - that's my boy!  Wilson on the other hand wanted to go to a dance party because of the loud rockin music.

I then did the Mercer Half and PR'd!  I ran 1:32:15 bringing my previous PR down 00:1:15.  The race felt great.  It was weird because last night I didn't have the jitters like I normally do (and typically when I don't get jitters I don't do well).  This morning I was more caught up with the boys than scared for my run which was probably good.  It was chilly, but perfect running weather - sunny and brisk.  I set out at a 6:30 pace and then evened out closer to a 7:10 pace with my total average time of 7:02 per mile. 
After the races, we came home and all of us napped.  Then we were off to the playground so the boys could bike ... maybe we have little triathletes in the making.  Or just boys with way too much energy.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weekend roundup: R&R

Matt's parents were here this past weekend and it was awesome!  Friday night we had a fairly mellow night at home.  Saturday, Matt and I took the chance to sleep in - of course when I had the opportunity I couldn't.  Saturday I set out for a long run for my marathon training and unfortunately only made it 11.9 miles ... need more! 

That evening Matt and I had date night at a posh place in town called Spur.  Good.  Almost too next gen for me and I'm not sure I need to go back.  We don't tend to get into a lot of pictures together now - here's our best attempt ...

And here's the fancy gastro pub feast from Spur:

Sunday being St. Patty's day, we prepped a good Irish feast in the crock pot then set out to the acquarium.

Sunday evening we had Laura, Max, and Sasha over (our pals from Whistler) and all stuffed ourselves silly with good Irish food.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend roundup: travel and time

This weekend was a whirlwind.  Thursday I flew to New York for a couple meetings.  After landing, it was super windy and starting to rain so instead of a run through Central Park (my favorite) I opted for a Hilton gym workout (decent backup) to catch up on the news and get some cardio at the same time.  After a quick workout and run down to the market for chicken soup dinner, I read the boys a goodnight story on Skype and then immediately fell asleep myself.  Friday I somehow woke at 7am ET (4am at home) and made it for a quick workout again.  Then, was in back to back meetings from 9am until 6pm not leaving much time for city exploring.  Saturday morning I was up and off to the airport at the brutal hour of 5am ET.  One of the two things I fell in love with in NY was the Uber app - an app that let's you get a car service from your phone.  Even at 5am, I got a car within 6min and it was cheaper than a taxi (and WAY cleaner!)  The second thing I fell in love with was EMG Live - I started exploring the site last week and geeked out on it more when I was traveling.

Back in Seattle, the boys picked me up at the airport and we made our way to look at bathroom goods (e.g. tiles, tubs - the really exciting stuff!)  As we continue to plan home renovations, we continue to explore for deals.
Sunday was a mellow day around the house - then we made our way to Carey's for dinner and a playdate with her boys (her labrodoodles).

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cross training made streaming

As I continue to train for the Big Sur marathon and other "mini" races I've signed up for, cross training is becoming more and more important.  Running this morning I realized my core was more wiggle than stable and my arms were getting exhausted.  I've tried classes at the gym and am a fan of a few; namely FlyWheel and Bar Method, but beyond these I can't get myself through an entire class.  On weekends the hardest thing about trying to do a class is getting out of the house - with a run I can get on my shoes, go out the door, and be back in 45min.  With a class there's drive time, prep time, etc.  I want badly for the boys to be athletic (they have the energy for it), and I think it's important to lead by example.  With running the boys see my races and see me going out the door - now I want to do stuff with them. 

Introducing online classes ... I came across EMG Live in a recent Fast Company article, and I have to say I'm hooked!  I can cross train and be with the boys - win win.

I also have to say, I'm a big fan of the company concept and the founder.  I recently got to meet with Joyce, the founder and CEO, and I'm so inspired by what she's done.  She created the company from the ground up filling a need she had that she knows other people have - good, changing, fitness for the masses.  One stand out that's pretty cool is I now get the opp to take classes from teachers on the East and West Coast from my living room. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekend roundup: Whistler!

What a great weekend.  Friday, we packed up the boys (and way too many toys / clothes / things from the house) and drove up to Whistler where we rented an apartment with another family.  The drive was long, but the boys did a good job toggling between napping, singing, and asking "when are we there." 

Both Saturday and Sunday the boys were in ski school.  Saturday was rough, though, as it rained all day, but luckily the ski school had a little indoor play area on top of the mountain.  Matt and I took the rainy time to do some downhill skiing with no lines - awesome! 

Sunday the boys were in ski school again, and Matt did more downhill.  This time, though, it was sunny and there were inches of fresh powder - this meant the lines Sunday were ridiculously long.  Laura and I decided to go cross country skiing instead of downhill.  Cross country is HARD!  I have never fallen so much.  I blame the ice and the tracks weaving around mini downhill turns too tight, but really it's my poor form not knowing what to do for cross country skiing.

All in, it was a great family trip.  I can't wait to do it again!  I have a feeling Whistler is going to turn into an annual Taylor trip.