Monday, March 17, 2014

Born to run

The Taylor Twins are taking to the roads and running ... fast!  Last week in a run-a-thon at school Cole ran more than any other kid in the pre-school. 

This weekend the boys did a Leprechaun Lap (1K) with their buddy Max ... in the pouring rain ... and were natural runners - they were laughing and smiling the entire time.  Cole got tired a few times and asked to hold my hand so I'd "pull him" - the entire event pulled at my heart making me smile.  I wouldn't mind if they hated running, but something about sharing something I love with the people I love most ... bliss.  My girlfriend bought the boys t-shirts that said "Born Lucky" - right now I feel like the lucky one.

Cole, Max, and Wilson hamming it up at the starting line:
 Wilson, Max, Cole, and Ella - the nerves!
After the boys ran, Costa and I did the 5K which was awesome.  People were dressed up and running happy everywhere - such a great way to kick off a Sunday morning!