Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend roundup

This was a pretty mellow Seattle weekend and we loved every minute of it.  Saturday I got up early(ish) for a 13mi run - I'm trying to up the numbers if I'm ever going to do NYM.  My loop took me around Magnolia, through Discovery Park, down along the trains and boats past the Space Needle, up around Queen Anne, and home.  LOTS of hills but lots of fun. 
 Saturday afternoon we hung around the house with the boys gardening and playing "baseball."  That evening we headed out to Salil's bday party which was a blast - we felt like real grown ups.

Sunday again we rose early and worked in the yard more.  Mid-morning we took the boys to the beach, then playground, then rock climbing - lots of activity!

When we were good and tired out, we made our way to Farmer's Market.

Sunday evening my cousin and her family came over for a mellow dinner that turned nutty with three 3-year olds running around and screaming and Charlotte (the "older sister") trying to keep cool.

All in, a great weekend!

This weekend I kicked off the week with a 5:15am run - ouch.  That one was tough - but the view was pretty amazing - this is the space needle before sunrise:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

To do: kayaking and paddle boarding!

We had SUCH a great Seattle day (and when the boys get up from their nap, we'll continue into the afternoon) ... after a nice 7mi run with a buddy from work, I came home and we packed up the boys and Matt's parents and made our way to the Northwest Outdoor Center to do some water sports.  We rented a triple kayak (never been in one before - it's giant), a double, and a paddle board.  Somehow we managed to have everyone trade between all three while in the water - yikes! 

I started kayaking with Wilson, while Cole, Pappa Lito (Don), and Kathleen went in the triple, and Matt took the paddle board.  We made our way straight across Lake Union to Gas Works Park and did a swap where Cole went on the paddle board and Wilson traded kayaks.  Then I went on the paddle board with Wilson, and somehow after an hour of paddling, playing, and boat swapping, we all wound up back in kayaks with Don on a paddle board heading into shore.

SO much fun!  I cannot believe it's been over 4 years since we have kayaked.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Race report: Oregon Wine Country Half

This weekend we got out of Seattle and made our way to Oregon for some family time and the Oregon Wine Country Half marathon.  We met up with my cousin Matt, his wife Stephanie, and their son Sean (the boys' new idol).  Saturday, after a long drive, we hung out at a hotel pool.  Sean has taken to calling the boys "my babies" and plays with them but also treats them like his little toys - which is adorable.  The boys now have a new obsession with super heroes including Spider Man and others I can't remember the names of.

Saturday evening a friend from work met us and we all made our way for pizza dinner to appease the kids and prep for the race.

Sunday morning we rose early (like 5:30am early) and made our way out to the race.  The race start was one of the most beautiful ever - we got to see the sun coming up over the wineries in Carlton, OR.  At the lineup the announcer said that nearly 70% of the runners were women (woot!)

I wound up running 1:33:57 and placed 6th in my age group.  Not my ideal place, but I was stoked with the time.

Sunday afternoon we (tried) to go wine tasting at Domaine Serene.  We joked that with our boys there it wasn't so serene anymore. 

All in, a great weekend and a great race!