Saturday, September 15, 2012

To do: kayaking and paddle boarding!

We had SUCH a great Seattle day (and when the boys get up from their nap, we'll continue into the afternoon) ... after a nice 7mi run with a buddy from work, I came home and we packed up the boys and Matt's parents and made our way to the Northwest Outdoor Center to do some water sports.  We rented a triple kayak (never been in one before - it's giant), a double, and a paddle board.  Somehow we managed to have everyone trade between all three while in the water - yikes! 

I started kayaking with Wilson, while Cole, Pappa Lito (Don), and Kathleen went in the triple, and Matt took the paddle board.  We made our way straight across Lake Union to Gas Works Park and did a swap where Cole went on the paddle board and Wilson traded kayaks.  Then I went on the paddle board with Wilson, and somehow after an hour of paddling, playing, and boat swapping, we all wound up back in kayaks with Don on a paddle board heading into shore.

SO much fun!  I cannot believe it's been over 4 years since we have kayaked.

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