Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend roundup

I'm in the middle of a travel flurry, but this weekend was an awesome fun/family/happiness flurry.  Saturday Kathleen and I took the boys to karate and then for some bike riding at Coe.  Saturday evening we enjoyed a great Mexican dinner, and then Molly Moons ice cream.  The boys got their sillies on after delicious strawberry and vanilla cups.

Today we woke late(ish ... ala 7am) and after a quick run, we all went to Toulouse Petit for an amazing brunch.  Cole and Wilson couldn't stop licking their plates (literally) and Cole kept breaking into his "movie star" smile.  Everything was amazing - seriously amazing.

The day was a whirlwind with a hike around sculpture gardens, then playing on the zip line at Discovery park, to gardening and making "wonderlands" in the garden.

After a great day, I was off to the airport to fly to LA for work.  I was a bit frazzled on so much work travel, so at the airport I treated myself to a manicure.  Upon checking into my hotel, though, the frazzling disappeared ... my room is as big as Matt's and my first apartment, and the area is awesome (West Hollywood).  In the room I got to enjoy The Good Wife and a fire (from a light switch) from my sitting area - I could get used to this!
WRT West Hollywood, I could swear someone is walking around spraying jasmine perfume into the air outside - everything smells good (seriously - how weird is that?!).  For dinner I enjoyed Urth Caffe - a hip and delicious salad spot.  At 9pm the place was packed with more fit fab (a word I don't intend to use again for a long time and shock myself writing now) people.  Pesto chicken + organic greens + home-made bread... yes please!

All in, an OK flight / evening getting in.  I hope my meetings go great now!

Friday, April 25, 2014


My whirlwind work travel week ended in Boston.  My co-worker and I flew from NY to Boston Wednesday evening for a meeting Thursday morning. 

Having not done anything "fun" during this work trip (OK, some of my meetings were pretty fun - lots of learning which is always fun!), we decided to go eat near Fenway and the Boston Marathon finish line.  I kept thinking back to my Boston marathon a couple years ago - run right after the boys were born - and then of course to Boston's tragedy from last year.  Last year's events still sting for everyone, I think.  It's so inspiring, though, to see how the city pulled together and really is "Boston Strong." 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Skyping and momming

The next couple weeks are travel CRAZY for me for work - NY, then LA, then NY - oof!  Thank goodness for Skype video chats, that's all I have to say.  The past two nights I've gotten to Skype sing my boys to sleep and it makes my day. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

A great Easter was had by all!  We kicked off the weekend with an egg hunt at the boys' school, followed by a dinner party at our friend's and another egg hunt.  Sunday was ... you guessed it, opened with an egg hunt.  The boys kept telling us they could smell bunny fur around the house - we're not sure how to handle the whole "Easter Bunny" thing - Santa, yes.  Bunny, dunno.  In the afternoon we made our way to my cousin's house for another GIANT egg hunt and great lunch.

Here are the boys with their cousins (or whatever you call my cousin's children) after egg hunt success:

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend roundup: climbing and baseball and friends - oh my!

The sun is shining in Seattle and all is awesome.  This weekend we enjoyed a birthday party with the boys' friend Ella where all the kids went rock climbing.  Wilson and Cole were thrilled to show off their scaling moves as they've been going pretty often now.  That evening we went for an impromptu BBQ at a friends house on the hill - pure madness with over-active boys, and pure fun.  At the gym, the climbing party hosts were brilliant - first they taught the kids to walk sideways on the wall:
Then each guest chose a mask for their favorite animal.  The hosts hid animals all up and along the walls and had the kids climb to get the animals - fun trick.

Today we took the boys to their first baseball game to watch the Mariners and (ironically) the Oakland A's. Wilson, Cole, and X were adorable holding the daddies' hands walking into the game.  We landed seats close to home-plate (row 26) which was awesome.  No fly-balls in our area, but I was OK with that.

The boys were pretty good most of the game, but by the end (after skipping nap) were pretty squirrely.  We left in the bottom of the 8th and got home to play a bit before dinner.