Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend roundup

I'm in the middle of a travel flurry, but this weekend was an awesome fun/family/happiness flurry.  Saturday Kathleen and I took the boys to karate and then for some bike riding at Coe.  Saturday evening we enjoyed a great Mexican dinner, and then Molly Moons ice cream.  The boys got their sillies on after delicious strawberry and vanilla cups.

Today we woke late(ish ... ala 7am) and after a quick run, we all went to Toulouse Petit for an amazing brunch.  Cole and Wilson couldn't stop licking their plates (literally) and Cole kept breaking into his "movie star" smile.  Everything was amazing - seriously amazing.

The day was a whirlwind with a hike around sculpture gardens, then playing on the zip line at Discovery park, to gardening and making "wonderlands" in the garden.

After a great day, I was off to the airport to fly to LA for work.  I was a bit frazzled on so much work travel, so at the airport I treated myself to a manicure.  Upon checking into my hotel, though, the frazzling disappeared ... my room is as big as Matt's and my first apartment, and the area is awesome (West Hollywood).  In the room I got to enjoy The Good Wife and a fire (from a light switch) from my sitting area - I could get used to this!
WRT West Hollywood, I could swear someone is walking around spraying jasmine perfume into the air outside - everything smells good (seriously - how weird is that?!).  For dinner I enjoyed Urth Caffe - a hip and delicious salad spot.  At 9pm the place was packed with more fit fab (a word I don't intend to use again for a long time and shock myself writing now) people.  Pesto chicken + organic greens + home-made bread... yes please!

All in, an OK flight / evening getting in.  I hope my meetings go great now!

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