Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kids art room

I took the week off a couple weeks ago to catch my breath. During the week, I cleaned the house, got rid of a BUNCH of old stuff that just keeps moving with us but that we don't use, and made an art studio for the boys' room. Here's the final inspiration board (all in I only paid a couple hundred as I searched high and low in consignment stores and stores having sales for the best deals).
Kids art room

Here was the alternate I was looking at. But I decided this + kids wasn't awesome, it wasn't as cozy, and there was just too much animal!
Modern option 2

What to Wear: 1-day trip

What to Wear: 1-day trip

Where did August go?!

I cannot believe the most fun month of summer flew by!  It's been a flurry - home improvements:

Kitchen write-up to come:

Fancy hotel for a night (thank you hotels.com) - to escape the kitchen redo :) :

Park birthday parties:

Minecraft birthday:

Oodalally - I'm almost excited the shorter days are approaching.  Some time to catch our breathe!  Wait ... 1st grade ... oh.

Friday, July 31, 2015

From digital to downhilling

Last week was a very bipolar week - I spent two days at VidCon in LA where social media stars and fans met and mingled.  Here's a sneak peak:

From VidCon I went to Mammoth to meet up with Matty, the boys, and the extended Taylor clan for a terrific vacation in the mountains. 

The extended clan played and played and played - Gabe led the charge in pretending it was winter and doing some sledding on the street:
 The boys climbed everything and I tried to keep up - we all felt like mighty mice on top of the rocks:
 The boys met with new cousin Finley.  They were less than excited proclaiming "everyone wants to play with him more than us," but we're sure they'll warm up.  Cole said he wants to teach Fin to ride a bike, and Wilson is certain he'll teach Fin to go potty in the potty.
 We also spent a full day downhill biking while the boys played at the Mammoth center.  All I can say is AWESOME and I can't wait to go again. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Building and making

The time has finally come - we are going to update our kitchen.  Our Ikea order is in and filled, our contractor will call us back ... someday ... I hope ... and the house is getting cleaned up.  The boys (Matt, Cole, and Wilson) all cleaned out the garage to make way for boxes and boxes of Ikea goods:

They definitely earned cookies from all the work, and Cole and Wilson eagerly waited chocolate chip cookies while hugging/wrestling in the kitchen (fine line).

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend roundup: beaches!

It continues to be HOT in Seattle and we're soaking it in.  I kicked off the weekend with a longish run (not long enough) around Magnolia doing hills and stairs.  I was pretty wiped after the run, but in a great way.  Side note - I don't know how some runners always capture beautiful sweaty post-run pics when I just look like an exhausted rat.  Oh well :/

Sunday we enjoyed the beaches of Leschi where Matt showed off for the boys on the diving board and the boys bobbed around in Lake Washington.  I don't want this sun to go away - loving being outside.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Taylor Twins Turn SIX

 On Friday Cole and Wilson turned SIX and we cannot believe it.  When I was pregnant everyone said "enjoy this time and enjoy the baby phase."  When I was pregnant I couldn't wait until the boys came.  Then it happened - from July 8-10th the boys slooowly made their way into the world (that was the only time they've ever been slow to do anything).  When they were born our world changed and I can't imagine anything without these two perfect little boys.  I will admit, I barely remember the first year - between the sleep deprivation and being so nervous we weren't ever doing the right thing, the year flew.

Before we knew it, the boys were turning 1.  We went from counting how old they were by days, to weeks, to months, to a year (with the months thrown in there often).  The boys were amazing little cherubs with fuzzy hair, perfectly round heads, and big blue eyes soaking in everything around them.  At this time we still lived in San Francisco and the trolly would often stop in front of our apartment window for tourists to snap pictures of the boys who often sat in the window. 
 Another year flew by, we moved from San Francisco to Seattle, and the boys turned two.  By this time the boys went from army crawling to running with not much in between.  Their first Seattle year, the boys lived in Wallingford and Matt got to be a stay at home daddy with them - an awesome year for all the boys.
 In a blink the boys were three playing at Gas Works park.  Blinked again and they turned four sleeping in proper kid beds and filling the house with legos and new messes (smaller toys, bigger messes).

Another blink and the boys turned five.  We continued (and still doing) exploring the Pacific North West with trips to the mountains around Seattle, skiing and snow fun, lots of hiking, and really anything that tires the boys out (unfortunately, Matt and I tire out, Cole and Wilson never do).

Fast forward, blink again, and the boys turned six.  This past year, the boys have had new adventures starting Kindergarten, taking ski lessons, joining a t-ball league, and more.  There were some not so new things, too ... For the past 5-years, almost every other Friday night we go to Oaxaca for dinner (or get takeout from there) and on their birthday all the waitresses came out to sing to the boys.  We are so lucky filled with smiles, friendship, and love from those around us in Seattle and outside of Seattle - I think the boys bring that happiness and love, and share it in abundance.  For their birthday, Cole and Wilson made their own rainbow cake and cupcakes, and we went to the Pump it Up where a gaggle of kids jumped, giggled, and played on bouncy houses with hoots of laughter throughout the party.
 To the archives of bloggesphere in the future ...

To my dear Cole - you are an amazing, sweet, curious, and smart young man.  You're strong willed like your mommy (the answer "no" isn't acceptable) and inquisitive like your daddy.  You exceed at math and problem solving and it's amazing watching you fly through lego sets and any other problem thrown at you.  You want to do things yourself all the time to impress no-one but you (but high fives are always cool, too).  You love nature and learning - weekend projects like finding bugs and writing reports on them is fun for all of us and we all get to learn.  You're a super-star sports kid wanting to try every sport imaginable and always running (I still hope you fall for track and not the sports that bonk your head too much).  I love you to the moon and back my amazing little man.

To my dear Wilson - you are an incredible kind, silly, inquisitive, and smart young man.  You're a little artist with a huge imagination.  From doing water colors to oil paintings to crafts and everything in between you're always creating.  You also have such a generous heart with acts such as always sharing your toys with your brother and other kids at school, to saving your allowance for "the kids in banana stands" (aka, Afghanistan).  Despite not loving sports, you're incredibly athletic and daring (sometimes too daring) with rock climbing tricks your daddy can't even do and monkey bar flips.  You dance like no-one is watching when everyone is watching, and you get everyone to dance along with you.  You sing like a champ and my heart fills with melody when you do.  I love you into space and back my sweet boy.

I wish there were a time slowdown machine, but as that hasn't been invented yet, I'm looking forward to enjoying every second with these two rad kids.