Monday, December 8, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Getting back from the Bay Area, we had the perfect transition from Thanksgiving into the Christmas timeframe with SNOW!  The day after getting home we got a slight dusting of snow, but it was enough for the boys to put on their ski clothes, make snowballs, and make a teeny tiny snowman. 
To continue with the holiday spirit, we took the boys to see Santa.  I can't believe they're now too big to sit on his lap.  I almost don't believe it!

This year instead of Nutcracker (which I haven't actually seen in probably 25 years) we took the boys to see The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, which was awesome. The play was at the Paramount in Seattle and was a fancy event - the whole theater was dressed up which was fun.  The boys didn't totally understand the entire play (i.e. "mommy, why was his head not screwed on just right?") but all in it was a great event.

Thanksgiving roundup!

Thanksgiving came and went in such a flash I neglected to regale with stories of food, travels, and fun.  We decided to go to the Bay Area this year - we typically don't travel during holidays at all, but we gave in and did a trip from Tuesday to Friday which was perfect for avoiding travel madness at the airport, but not enough time to see and catch up with everyone.  After arriving late late Tuesday evening, we got the boys to bed and then followed suite almost 5min later. 

Wednesday we rose early and made our way back into the city (SF) to meet up with our friends at Golden Gate park for breakfast and much playgrounding.  It's funny, these are friends we met when we had the boys and knew for only a year, but everytime we talk or see them it seems like we've known each other forever.  Love it.

After the park, we made our way to Rob and Emily's house, and then met up with Ryan in the Mission.  After a quick picnic lunch and more playgrounding, we packed up to head back to Marin - but not before driving down Lombard now as tourists and past our old house.  I miss that city!

Thursday morning we got up and out with the boys for a quick hike.  Wilson immediately took his shirt off proclaiming it was "so hot" (it was 70 at best).

After that, we made our way back to my mom's for the boys to "hang" with my grandma, their great grandma doing art.  We enjoyed a perfect Thanksgiving lunch with the boys, my parents, my grandma, and my aunt Jean. 

 Post lunch, we made our way to my old stomping grounds - the San Anselmo creek.  I don't know how many hours I spent in that creek "making potions" with Lisa and making up adventures.  Wilson seems to be right in line as we could barely get him out of the creek...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holiday wishlist - fitgets

Holiday wishlist - fitgets
Here's my holiday wishlist... running gear, I finally want to jump on the fitness wearable bandwagon, a GoPro to record more memories sans phone, and a new elliptical.  But what I'd really like can't be clipped from another site - what I'd really like is art from my boyos.

Weekend roundups: Twofer

Packing two weeks' roundups into 1...

Last weekend my dad was in town and we explored the city.  We hit up the beach, the playground on Queen Anne, and did some good lego time in between.  The boys love when my dad comes to town and we do too.

This weekend flew by - Saturday morning was karate and then breakfast with our friends.  The afternoon brought our first parent teacher conference (and are psyched that the boys are doing great in school), and in the evening we had a mellow taco dinner party with more friends.

Today we made our way to my cousin's son's birthday (but for simplicity we just call him the boys' cousin).  The birthday was AWESOME.  It was at a jump house in Kirkland with black lights and glow in the dark sticks.  I think Matt played more than most of the kids, and everyone had a blast.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Taylor Twins go Rock Climbing

First off ... wow!  It's been a long time since I've blogged.  So much missed - pumpkin patch, ladies night at a nudie spa (seriously), and I turned 35.  There's the Clif Notes catch up.  This past weekend brought our boys roping in to rock climb at an indoor gym for the first time and it was a giant hit!  We've been taking the boys bouldering for a while, but never roping in.  Cole is a born natural and Wilson is learning to love heights.

Climbing was at Vertical World in Magnolia (fun fact, it was America's first climbing gym), where their friend was having a birthday.  Before climbing, all kids had to do a training session and listen to one of the teachers give a talk on climbing and roping in (I wish they would listen like this at home!)
 Post lesson, it was climbing time.  It was hard to get Cole off the wall who wanted to keep going up, up, up.  Wilson kept wanting to go about a quarter way up the wall, then go down, then up again.

At the end of climbing, the boys both asked to sign up for more.  Looks like classes are on the horizon...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Race report: Pt. Defiance 50K (I ran the 15K)

Today was my first trail race back since the sprained ankle this summer.  I ran the Pt. Defiance 15K (the past 3 years I've always run the 30K so this was a step down).  All in, the race was terrifying, exhausting, beautiful, and awesome. 

I placed 1st female in the 15K at 1:23 (an average of 8:20 per mile), and 6th overall.  And yes, that was AWESOME. 

The race started with a packed group of runners - more than I've ever seen for this race - but no-one wanted to step up to the starting line.  I stood ~10ft away from the start at the get go, and wound up being first off the line.

One of the greatest parts of doing this course year after year is I remember it, and I look forward to different turns and views.  There's the view of Vashon Island, the in-forest portions where all I can see, smell, and hear are trees, and the views of the mountain sloping straight down into the ocean.  At mile 3 I finally warmed up and my muscles and breathing remembered what racing is. 

In the forest, especially on the downhill left turn portions, I inwardly freaked with anxiety about my ankle turning again.  Towards the end I came to almost a complete standstill with ropes guiding me down the hill and roots and steep slopes jutting down. 

At the end, I saw Matty and was happy.  Happy to be back on trails, happy to have placed, and happy to see my awesome hub at the finish cheering me on.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pumpkin patch

Today we made our way to Snohomish to hit up The Farm for pumpkins and Halloween fun with our friends.  It was awesome - a perfect way to celebrate kids and the kids inside us grown ups.

We started at the petting zoo where I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince Matt to let me buy a rabbit.  Then we made our way to a giant bouncy zone where the boys went NUTS bouncing.  Jonny's little sister was the cutest sitting near her mommy on the corner feeling the residual bounce.  The boys on the other hand kept trying to figure out ways to fling themselves off the bounce zone.
 After a lot of bouncing, then more bouncing, we made our way through a giant, dark, scary corn maze.  Post-maze, the boys found horse-swings.
 While the kids picnic'd on hot dogs, chips, and fresh made kettle corn, us moms (JoAnn, Mica, and I) snuck off for some quick picks.
We ended the trip with the pumpkin patch where we gathered way too many pumpkins.  The fun part was you could see they were fresh cut off the vine.  
Good times.