Thursday, April 16, 2015

Being a grown up

A while back some friends and I realized we weren't "real grown ups."  We didn't have wills, life insurance, college accounts, etc. (all of which I have set up now).  There's a lot to being a grown up, though, and here are the highlights from my "grown up" life the past couple weeks...

Three weeks ago, we got together for a mom's night out.  We started wine tasting, and ended up at our local pizza place (which was comically fitting as the dad's ordered pizza from this very same place for dude's night in).

Dude night consisted of the dad's and 7 five-year-old boys pulling every toys off the shelf at our house.
  Grown up moment 2 that night was cleaning up the legos so I didn't get them in my foot in the morning :).

Two weeks ago we celebrated my favorite family holiday, Easter, at my cousin Rebecca's house.  It's crazy seeing all of our kids together grown and running around for eggs.

 Last weekend, Matt's folks were in town.  We went to almost every playground in the area and my major "grown up" heart attack moment was looking away from the boys for 1min only to find them on the top of a tree when I looked back.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Race Report: Mercer Island Half

The other weekend I ran the Mercer Island Half Marathon, and the boys did the kid's race.  The boys were so nervous building up to the race, but SO proud at the end.  I love seeing that happiness - don't care about the time or place, the smile is what it's all about.

Pics of the start ...  and post finish.

 I ran a 1:34:38 chip time and landed 5th in my age group and 104th overall (out of nearly 5K people).  I realized, though, I have a lot of work to do before the Big Sur Marathon.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend roundup: ABCs

This weekend we had an Auction, (t-)Ball, and Carkeek park (aka, beach in Ballard).  At the end of the weekend we needed another weekend - you know those? 

The auction was for our boys' Kindergarten (for the entire school actually) and was quite a scene.  I felt like we were at a frat party with people we didn't know for a lot of it, but all in it was a good time.  Here's Matt and I with a creepy light picture on the way home from the auction:

T-ball started up Saturday and I can't believe what we're in for. The boys were so happy - they were reunited with all their buddies from pre-school and got to run all morning.  What could be better?!
Both Saturday and Sunday we hit up the beach.  Cole and I have given ourselves a challenge to fill up a jar with seaglass so Cole is always on quite the mission at the beach.  Wilson just wants to climb and play in the waves.  Always a great time.

Monday, March 2, 2015