Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day in an incredibly mellow, but very Seattle way.  The boys are FINALLY approaching health - they've had the flu for 7 full days now (poor guys).  We rose late (that's the ONLY upside of kids getting the flu - they sleep in), and Cole and I made Matt breakfast in bed (Wilson continued snoozing another hour after his stint at urgent care last night - another story).  We made scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit, yogurt, and leftover muffin from yesterday and it was awesome.  Now our bed is covered in crumbs, but totally worth it.

After Wilson was up and we had downed two cups of coffee, we gave Matt his Father's Day gift - a travel golf case in honor of 1) his love of gold and 2) the US Open being practically in our backyard this year.  The golf case was a hit with Matt, but the bigger hit was the box which the boys made into a go-cart.  Cole is obsessed with all things wheels now and wants very badly to race this.  Not sure the cardboard wheels will win any race, but it's been cool for scooting around the house.

After more lounging around in the house, we went to the EMP and joined finally.  Wilson and I went to the EMP last weekend and Cole and I went yesterday - I did the math and realized it would be just ~$10 more if I joined today (you can use receipts from 2-weeks against a membership) so BOOM, Father's Day gift #2.  Although the boys got a kick out of the Star Wars costumes from over the years, the biggest hit there was the Sound Room where we recorded our first family album.  The music wasn't worth saving, but the pic was.

Back home we worked in the garden a bit - a nod to my Dad who has 10 green fingers (not just a green thumb) and inspired us to clean up our landscaping which we're quite happy about.  We didn't go for any honorary bike rides for my dad, but that would have been a logical next step.  Instead we went through old pics which was more fun.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Family art

The boys have been very sick for a full week now which means we've all been cooped up in the house together. Yesterday, Wilson and Cole picked flowers from our yard (and a glass starfish made by Matt's friend Nic) and we all took a stab at painting the setup.  Below are the results:

The set:
 My art:
Cole's art:
  Wilson's art:
Matt's art:
And there you have it - the Taylor Family art show.

Race Report: Brooks Trailhead 10K

Very overdue race report ... In May, I ran the Brooks Trailhead 10K and it was AWESOME.  This was the first year I had heard of this race, but it's been going on a couple years in Seattle.  The field was still pretty small (379 people for the 15K and 379 people for the 10K).  I opted for the 10K because the 15K had a mini out and back by the lake and I'm not a huge fan of out 'n backs. 

The race weather was perfect and the race was beautiful.  The course was very similar to the Seattle's Best 15K (which I don't think is run here anymore - bummer).  It started at Gas Works Park, went over the Fremont Bridge, around the race, a couple rolling hills by Eastlake, and ended back at Gas Works Park.

Because the field was so small, it was rather spread out.  In the beginning there was some build up at the bridge because walkers were started before runners, but beyond that it was smooth sailing.

I wound up placing 2nd female overall with a chip time of 42:41. 

I haven't done a 10K in years (since Bay to Breakers I think) and I have to say, I'm re-hooked on this distance.  It's not too far, but not so short that it's a dead sprint.

Good times.