Sunday, March 24, 2013

Race report: Mercer Island half AND Kid's Dash

What a great Sunday!  Today was a triple race day - I was signed up for the Mercer Island half.  Last night over dinner we were talking about the race with the boys and both asked if they could run.  I think a half is another 10+ years off for them, but we did see that the Mercer Island half had a Kid's Race that we could sign the boys up for ... this morning we made our way to the race expo and signed the boys up for the Kid's dash which was a 1/2 mile race.  They were SUPER excite to put their bibs on.  They stretched, ran around, and then both got totally nervous at the starting line (nervous and not quite sure what was going on).

Cole went out blazing - he was one of the front runners, and definitely the front runner of kids his size / age (there were some older kids).  He got very serious as he ran, but every time we or others clapped for him he lit up.  Wilson was more the turtle in the race - slow and steady.  I took a short-cut to see him at the 1/4 mile turnaround and he wanted to take the short-cut back up the hill.  At this point, Wilson was one of the kids in last (2nd to last to be precise), but most of the other kids were on their parents' shoulders by the turnaround.  We didn't cheat, and Wilson didn't get on my shoulders - instead, we held hands and ran the 1/4 mile up to the Finish.  At the finish line Cole kept asking if he could "go again please please please."  He then asked when his next race was - that's my boy!  Wilson on the other hand wanted to go to a dance party because of the loud rockin music.

I then did the Mercer Half and PR'd!  I ran 1:32:15 bringing my previous PR down 00:1:15.  The race felt great.  It was weird because last night I didn't have the jitters like I normally do (and typically when I don't get jitters I don't do well).  This morning I was more caught up with the boys than scared for my run which was probably good.  It was chilly, but perfect running weather - sunny and brisk.  I set out at a 6:30 pace and then evened out closer to a 7:10 pace with my total average time of 7:02 per mile. 
After the races, we came home and all of us napped.  Then we were off to the playground so the boys could bike ... maybe we have little triathletes in the making.  Or just boys with way too much energy.

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