Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekend roundup: Whistler!

What a great weekend.  Friday, we packed up the boys (and way too many toys / clothes / things from the house) and drove up to Whistler where we rented an apartment with another family.  The drive was long, but the boys did a good job toggling between napping, singing, and asking "when are we there." 

Both Saturday and Sunday the boys were in ski school.  Saturday was rough, though, as it rained all day, but luckily the ski school had a little indoor play area on top of the mountain.  Matt and I took the rainy time to do some downhill skiing with no lines - awesome! 

Sunday the boys were in ski school again, and Matt did more downhill.  This time, though, it was sunny and there were inches of fresh powder - this meant the lines Sunday were ridiculously long.  Laura and I decided to go cross country skiing instead of downhill.  Cross country is HARD!  I have never fallen so much.  I blame the ice and the tracks weaving around mini downhill turns too tight, but really it's my poor form not knowing what to do for cross country skiing.

All in, it was a great family trip.  I can't wait to do it again!  I have a feeling Whistler is going to turn into an annual Taylor trip.

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