Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Race report: Lord Hill 20 miler

This past weekend I think I had a brief moment of insanity - and loved it.  I was signed up for the 10-mi Lord Hill trail run.  Last year I did the 5-mi and the year before I did the 10-mi (both years I set the course record for the respective distances).  The night before the race I started getting nervous about the marathon I'm training for (Big Sur) and wondering if I could do the full distance mentally.

Come the morning of the race, I woke up feeling strong.  I got dressed thinking "I can go further than the 10" and when I got to the check in, I asked if I could "upgrade" to the 20-mi route.  When I said the distance "20-miles" got stuck in my throat - that's a long distance! 

The race started at 8:30 sharp.  There was a small field for the trail 20 - maybe 100 or so people (the majority of the runners were doing the 10 and a crazy few were doing a 50K).  As Roger (race director) gave instructions such as "follow the ribbons - if there is a lineup to the right, turn right..." all I could think was "do I have enough music?  Did I drink enough water?  What if I get lost?  Can I do this?!" 

The beginning of the race put us through a large puddle (I'd say more like stream) then up the first of many hills.  I globbed on to a group of dudes to pace myself and got into a comfortable pace.  We scaled the first hill slipping down in the mud, then coasted for a bit through the trees.  Another hill scaled, then more rambling over tree roots and weaving around trees.  For a point around mile 7 there was a long decline down a single track - awesome!  Towards the end of the first 10-mi loop, I started passing people who had started at 7:30am (the early start time). 

After the first loop, coasting down a steep decline hill, I had "Eye of the Tiger" ringing in my ears and felt ready and pumped - the first 10 was a warm up!  I looped through the check point, then was off for another loop.

In the end I cam in 3rd woman - no more course records.  I felt GREAT finishing the race - mentally high, physically tired, and all in ready for a nap.

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