Sunday, February 17, 2013

Of Fame and Fiddle

We had quite a busy weekend - roundup to come.  One of the highlights was a boat trip from Whidbey Island back to Seattle where we enjoyed a musical brush with fame ... On the Ferry, there was a woman oiling her violin.  The boys were enthralled leaning over the bench to watch her and she engaged them walking them through everything she was doing.  Then the woman came over and asked if the boys liked to sing to which Wilson stood and hollered "I LOVE TO SING." He sat and she asked for his song request to which he gave BaBa Black Sheep.  Immediately she dove into a violin + singing rendition of BaBa Black Sheep - then continued to Twinkle Twinkle, then to You Are My Sunshine, and kept taking the boys' recommendations until the Ferry was ready to land.

When we started packing up to get off, the woman said, "I'd love to do this again.  Your boys are miracles.  Please remember Talia & Jack Benny and let's do this again."

Well, of course as soon as we got in the car we googled that odd name pairing.  We found that she was in fact a famous violinist dating back to stint's on TV in the '60s: