Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend roundup: carnival and splashing around

Days are long, nights are short, and the boys are running wild and having a great time doing it!  Friday was carnival at the boys' pre-school - a time to eat ice cream, jump in the bouncy house, watch magic tricks including balancing spoons on noses, and face painting (that's impossible to get off). 

Yes, Wilson is wearing an aloha shirt and camo shorts with pink hearts on his face. 

 Saturday was a mellow day in the house with the boys painting trim for our basement, and me doing laundry.  Very domestic bliss ... and I loved it.  Today we woke up to a somewhat sunny morning and decided it was time to start tri prepping ... the problem is my ankle is still blue and green and not functioning quite right.  We made our way to Green Lake where I attempted laps with arms only.  Many things wrong with this scenario; namely: (a) the sleeves on my wetsuite are baggy - weird, yes? (b) the water is nasty, (c). it's REALLY hard to swim without legs if there's nothing binding your feet.  They just have a mind of their own and want to kick!  After a failed attempt at laps between buoys,  I met up with the boys at the playground where I found Cole looking longingly at the boats.  Matt decided to rent a sailboat and I nabbed a kayak and we made our way around the lake.  Great times! 

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