Sunday, July 20, 2014


Friday we took off from work early and made our way to Wenatchee's Wish Poosh campground with friends from the boys' school.  All in there were 10 kids ranging - a lot!  We all had a blast hiking around, splashing around in a nearby lake, and just "relaxing" in the trees.  IMO, camping isn't really relaxing, but being with friends is.

Day 1 we walked down to a beach/mud area to find sticks:
 Matt and the boys from some good ones!

For dinner one of the dads made amazing skewers and baked beans.  My favorite part of camping ... good food!
We left Saturday afternoon and a couple of the families were going to stick around another night but unfortunately it started raining too hard :(

All in, a good time. 

Pics are from our friend Mica because we forgot our camera.

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