Friday, September 18, 2009

Growing and growing!

While I'm working on shrinking (28lbs of pregnancy and a very stretched belly aren't that easy to lose!) the boys are working on growing ... and they're doing brilliantly at it! We recently had our friends, who happen to be some of the best professional baby and wedding photogs, take photos of the boys (a gift from godmother Ryan).
Our nights now:
Wilson Cole

Little burrito men (they LOVE these)


Lily said...

wow, they are getting so big! beautiful pictures!!

Krafty said...

So cute! They're just adorable - and growing!! I still owe you those photos from my camera.

mrscharming said...

I found you off google about a month ago--I'm having twins and was doing tons of research (as most mothers of twins!), and I haven't left a comment yet. I've finally decided to tell you that your boys are just lovely.

I'm sure I'll have many questions for you in the future--hope you don't mind!!

Amber said...

Glad you found my blog and thanks for the comment. Ask anything! Believe me, I know how daunting the pregnancy, delivery, and beyond are. I'm learning every day! If you have lots of qs, email autreytaylor @ gmail . com