Monday, September 7, 2009

A Day in the Life with 2-month old Twins

Everyday is different with the boys - challenging, exhausting, and more awesome than ever imagineable. A typical day goes a little something like this:

6am feed to diaper to play time to sleep > 9am feed (same drill) > noon feed (same drill) repeat until ... you guessed it ... 6am the next day. We are getting quite a bit more normalcy in. Here are some of the highlights:
A very tired feed session (you don't get to see the other way lunch is served - I may be comf in my skin, but I just don't need to share that much skin):
Diaper and play time:

Off for some well needed Blue Bottle (YUM!):

Some weekend website QA - "take baby to work day"
Family dinner time - the boys would not be left out! (p.s. yes, he's in my shirt - he's getting squirmier by the minute - -little athlete in the making! P.p.s. that's an undershirt):

We missed 3 pee on daddy times, 4 bouts of hiccups, 1 walk around the block, 5 yelling just to be heard times, 15 cuddle times, 8 nap times (ahh), 2 "jungle" times, and much much more. The boys keep us on our toes and our world has definitely done a 180 - we can't imagine it any other way now.

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