Sunday, September 27, 2009

Capturing as many moments as we can

Today we did another photo shoot with the boys and it was a BLAST! John and Karen are the photogs AND the hosts with the most - we went over to the Creek and they not only set up the mini-photo studio, but the BBQ'd for when the pics were done. Here are some of the highlights (note, these are our non-prefesh shots - the good ones are yet to come!)

Post shoot and lunch, we made our way to the pool (I have to tell you ... the burbs are kind of growing on me ... but only a little - SF still has my heart!) The boys tested the water for the first time - but only very briefly - in the 100+ degree heat, the water felt like ice and the yelps that came from our little men made us quickly towel them up and give cuddles. Water and swimming will come another time.


Krafty said...

Oh, I love these and you'll be so happy you had photos taken. I can just picture black and whites lining that long hallway - gorgeous!!

J Bordewyk said...

They are getting so big! Love the former post of Wilson rolling over in the video.