Saturday, October 3, 2009

What do running and newborns have in common?

Over the past few weeks I've been amping up my running (and loving it!) Hills, stairs, dirt - bring 'em on. During one of my runs, I started musing, as I often do, about all the gear I've acquired over the years. There are the necessities - good shoes, tights, a comfortable shirt, good sport bra, etc. And the not-so-neccesities - titanium bracelets, headbands, water pack attachments that I bought and put away ... and still can't find, and more.

Then I started thinking about all the stuff we bought our newborn boys. When I was still pregnant all the cool modern gadgets in baby stores seemed like a must! Moses basket - of course I needed it! Basinet? Well, duh, what else would the babies lounge in. Onsie with feet and ears - absolutely, it's cold in SF, right? Wrong on all accounts. The boys grow out of clothes in days, and they've grown out of furniture already. Luckily I did not invest in the moses basket or basinet that I had my heart set on - instead I used an (awesome) hand-me-down co-sleeper. Good thing, too, because they grew out of the co-sleeper in 3-weeks.

On that note, got to go - the 24ct. gold lined cashmere socks I've been watching on eBay and I must have them for ... uh ... OK, kidding.

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Krafty said...

You're so right! Everyone I know says the same thing about all the baby gear they think they need to be good parents - the industry has really taken off. Same thing with the wedding industry - which is what I'm dealing with right now!! You think you need to spend all this money on things that don't really matter. It's some pretty fantastic marketing!!