Sunday, October 4, 2009

Breastfeeding and running

How's that for a loaded title (double entendre - hah!)?

This morning I set out to meet my run club only to be stopped by road closures due to the Bridge to Bridge and a fundraiser walk. After trying to get back home for almost an hour, I was stressed - maybe due to watching a news special on cheerleaders getting more injuries than other athletes, which left me fired up ("yes I'm fired up"). Being that it was almost time to feed again, I almost opted out of my Sunday run, but Matt, being the good motivator he is, got me going.

So, a Rescue Remedy(to ease the stress from my previous attempt to run - also, they taste good stuck to my back teeth during a run (gross, I know), a pinch of bee pollen (my coffee was wearing off and I needed an extra kick, a second sport bra(any breastfeeding mom knows it's tough being away when it's almost time to feed (read - it hurts!) and I was good to go.

Through North Beach, up Telegraph Hill, around Coit Tower, down the back steps along the water, past the Ferry Building, and to the ballpark I went.

Woot! At 5.5 miles and this was my longest run yet. It felt awesome - I averaged a 7:58 pace with a few faster miles and the hills and stairs definitely slowing me down.

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