Sunday, October 11, 2009

Domestic Bliss

Now that I'm almost 30 (ohmyGod I'm almost 30 ... and I have not one but TWO sons ... whoa, surreal moment), I figure it's time to try domestic-ness on for size. No, I haven't bought an apron (does Nike make one?), I don't have a bob haircut, and I'm not wearing elastic waist jeans. Instead, I bought a Kitchen Aid that I am LOVING! This morning while finishing our coffee, Matt, Cole, Wilson and I baked (Cole and Wilson didn't have coffee - they stuck with milk).
Three of the chefs
The best helpersThe finished product


Krafty said...

Love that Kitchen Aid! You will have it forever.

rcpeters said...

Ebay has a nike apron:

J Bordewyk said...

You are too cute! You will need to practice your skills for all your soon to have playdate treats!