Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The buildup - got races, must train!

I have a few races coming up:
While I'm great at signing up for things, my mileage has been seriously lacking. Today I got out for a good 6.8, though, and it felt AWESOME (except for the nagging twinge of a now re-messed up IT band). The feeling of Fall is definitely here and it's truly the best running weather - crisp, but not cold, with a tiny bit of humidity from the rain yesterday. I made it out right around sunset down to the water, around Chrissy Field, into the Presidio, and back up through the Marina.

I can't wait for another 6.8 plus!

As for this weekend's half ... bring it ... not sure if I'll be walking afterwards, but I'm excited to get back in the race swing of things.


Krafty said...

You're such a superstar! Just enjoy being out there in the beautiful wine country and think about my birthday!! he-he. Yours is next!!!

Krafty said...

Wait, got that wrong. The Nike is in SF. Well, enjoy the crazies! You really are my hero. Miss you and your WHOLE family