Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recoiling from recalls

I have never much paid attention to recalls. My favorite drink got recalled? Hm, it didn't taste bad - no worries. Now, though, I'm like a hawk on all the products we're giving our boys. Today I saw that Tylenol is recalling tons of infant liquids. Last week when the boys got shots the nurse recommended we give them some Tylenol in the evening so of course I dutifully went to Walgreens to buy the name-brand (that's another thing - I'll take generic myself but for some reason I only want to give my boys name brand meds) Infant Tylenol. The good news is our lot number isn't on that list, so the meds we gave our boys are not being recalled ... but yeesh!

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Krafty said...

That's so scary! Good thing your lot number was okay. I've never thought much about recalls but lately I've been so scared that I'm going to miss the news about one because I'm too busy reading "US Weekly"