Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July and the 4-year old countdown

This past weekend my mom was in town and it was awesome.  I think it was one of the first weekends when it didn't rain while she was here.  The boys did come down with a little summer cold, though, but not horrible.

My mom got in Wednesday just after the boys' swim class.  Thursday Matt worked in the yard while my mom walked around downtown.  That afternoon my mom and I took the boys on the bus to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) downtown.  We lucked out and not only was the museum free as it was the first Thursday of the month, but a special Japanese fashion and future exhibit was on and that was also made free because of the 4th.  This was the boys' first time to a "grown up" museum ... all they really liked though were some cool cars hanging in the lobby and a little playroom we found.  Of course.

Friday Matt had to work.  My mom and I took the boys to the beach in Ballard and played for hours toggling between the playground and the beach. 

Saturday the boys had a dentist appointment first thing in the morning (no cavities - the dentist even complimented them on flossing so much).  Later in the morning we made our way to Fox Hollow Family Farm in Issaqua for Grace's (their friend from school) birthday.  I didn't get enough pix of the party but I think her mom belongs on Martha Stewart - the decorations, food, party prize bags, and every other little detail were amazing.  Big virtual high five.  The boys LOVED the farm - they went on a little train there at least 8 times, drove around in mini battery powered farm mobiles (which made my heart stop but they were totally into it), enjoyed the petting zoos (yes, multiple), and successfully exhausted themselves in giant jumpy houses.  Rad. 

Sunday was fairly mellow.  I snuck in a 9mi run in the morning (I need to get my mileage back up!)  Then my mom and I walked around Queen Anne looking at all the mansions.

All in, a great weekend.

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