Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Race report: See Jane Run half marathon - new PR!!

This past weekend I ran the See Jane half marathon starting at Gas Works Park in Seattle ... drumroll ... and got a new PR!  I wound up running the half in 1:33:49 - woot! 

I attest the time to a few things:
Sushi dinner the night before - I've been on a bad trend of having Mexican food and beer the night before races which is NOT helpful.  Sushi on the other hand, perfect pre-race dinner.
Luna Bar for breakfast - I had been eating Kind bars before my races (my go-to breakfast), but I think the sticky almonds just stuck too much.  Luna lemon = perfection.
Coconut water shot - I only had time for 3 sips of my coconut water before my boys took the water away.  I still think it helped.
Coffee blast - prior to my last race I had just finished a 1-week Clean Diet cleanse.  The lack of coffee before my race was something I think really hurt.
My new Newtons! The day before the race in a weak moment I bought a new pair of Newton trail/road shoes at the expo.  That afternoon I took them for a 4miler and was in love - still am.  Honeymoon with these shoes is definitely not over.

The course and weather didn't hurt either.  The course is my stomping grounds - I walk a good 2mi of it every day on my way to and from work.  The morning of the race the weather was a little windy and misting - perfection.

All in, a great race and great day!

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