Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend roundup ... and then some!

I'm falling behind!  Between faux marathon training (I have Big Sur this weekend), chasing the boys around, soccer practice, gardening, and more it's been tough to find a minute.  So here's the roundup for this weekend and then some...

The boys have started soccer and are TOTALLY hooked:

Wilson mostly enjoys sitting in the net, and Cole takes off running around the field and then during down time Cole "makes picnics" with his friend from school.

To keep the passion going, we brought the boys to a Sounders game.  In a word, awesome.  Last weekend we did a double soccer day with practice in the morning, then Sounders in the afternoon. 

That same day I managed to do a double run day with a 5mi in the morning and another 5mi in the afternoon.  My double header was boosted by my new CEP compression tights - never thought I'd get these but I LOVE them.

This past weekend, we gardened for about 6 hours enjoying breaks from the rain.  The rain is great, but it's making the weeds grow like ... weeds.  We also took in a little hike in Discovery Park and then went boating with some friends.

Our friends from SF were also visiting this weekend.  Unfortunately it was gray or rainy almost all weekend.  Today was another story of course.

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