Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend roundup: ABCs

This weekend we had an Auction, (t-)Ball, and Carkeek park (aka, beach in Ballard).  At the end of the weekend we needed another weekend - you know those? 

The auction was for our boys' Kindergarten (for the entire school actually) and was quite a scene.  I felt like we were at a frat party with people we didn't know for a lot of it, but all in it was a good time.  Here's Matt and I with a creepy light picture on the way home from the auction:

T-ball started up Saturday and I can't believe what we're in for. The boys were so happy - they were reunited with all their buddies from pre-school and got to run all morning.  What could be better?!
Both Saturday and Sunday we hit up the beach.  Cole and I have given ourselves a challenge to fill up a jar with seaglass so Cole is always on quite the mission at the beach.  Wilson just wants to climb and play in the waves.  Always a great time.

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Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

Some one (two) are growing up too fast!