Sunday, February 27, 2011

A perfect day in Seattle

It was a perfect, lazy, day in Seattle.  Par for the course it was cloudy and cold (a brisk 35 up from 28 yesterday), and this afternoon it rained.  But it was perfect.

The morning started with play time, reading, play time around the house.  Then, at 9:30 we piled in the car to head to Ballard where Matty went climbing and I took the boys through Farmer's Market.  We got there a bit before the Market opened, so the boys and I "hung" in a great little coffee shop called Fresh Flours where the boys chowed on locally made yogurt, and I sipped Stumptown Coffee.  After waving at the passing dogs and Market-goers, the boys and I did a quick lap through for some fresh local fish and fresh vegetables before heading up to meet Matt at the gym.

The afternoon brought a roll-a-bout when we looked at opened houses.  We're trying to decide if we want to buy in Seattle as an investment (if we move, there are two nearby colleges so renting would be fairly easy).  We drove through Queen Anne and back through Ballard to check out the beach.

The evening brought more play time and a surprise - the boys have learned to take off their own diapers.  Cole took his off and walked it right over to the diaper pail where he threw it away.  Hm...

All in all, a wonderful Sunday.

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