Monday, April 18, 2011

Taylor family vacation

We just got back from Kauai and it was amazing.  This was our first vacation in 5-years (since our honeymoon) and it was much needed.  We flew first class (thank you Alaska Airlines credit card - when you get the card, you can buy one ticket at regular price and the second at $99 so it wound up being cheaper than coach with food and checked bags) with the boys on our laps.  We got a few nasty looks from the other passengers, but what can you do.  Besides, our boys were quieter and more polite than the first classians who got blitzed on the flight.

Upon arrival we met up with Matt's parents at the airport and made our way to their time share in Poipu.  The boys loved being in the sun, and I think we have a little surfer on our hands.  Papalito (Don - grandpa Taylor) rented a boogie board and Wilson kept trying to stand up.  Cole turned into a little musician running up to lamp-posts singing "babbaloo babaloo" throughout the day.

Near the Beach House, where there was the best snorkling we found, we checked out a few key Kauai spots: the Spouting Horn where we saw turtles and wales swimming around, and the Savage Shrimp shrimp truck.  Not sure which I enjoyed more :). 

 The boys really started playing together this trip.  They loved shutting themselves anywhere they fit especially.
 We had to get the token family pic.  This is pre-tan ... but then again, we were in SPF 50 the entire time so our "tan" is minimal at best.

 The boys fell in love with the fish in front of our room.  We did too!  Every morning was breakfast time for the fish - the boys being the servers.
Cole took to running ... even more.

 And here's where I ran every morning - a great point to point to point run where I got to enjoy the crashing waves, trees, and of course chickens.
 Home again home again, we returned to spring in Seattle.

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