Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Roundup - social times

We've been in a bit of a social lull with colds and work ramps but this weekend we broke that.  Friday after work a bunch of co-workers and I went for a drink, then Matt and the boys picked me up at the wee hour of 5:30pm for a cozy night at home.

Saturday our friends Lloyd, Emily, and their adorable baby Louis came over for brunch.  The boys were in awe of little Louis and then jealous any time I held him.  Seems they can handle me giving attention to the "other" one of them, but when it comes to a non-twin in the brood, look out! 

Saturday afternoon we all napped and then Thomas and Sigrid came over for an early dinner, games, and mellow time.

Sunday we met up with Salil, Nicole, and RJ at Farmer's.  We didn't stay at the market long as it was overly crowded for some reason, so we trekked up to the Locks and let the boys run.  Sunday afternoon in an effort to calm the boys who were literally climbing walls and tables (somehow Cole managed to climb up the dining room table and seat himself in the high chair - we still can't figure out how), we went for a "drive-a-bout" to look at Seattle neighborhoods.  Right now we're loving Madison Park ... we'll just need to win the lotto first.

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