Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Potty talk

Well we had quite a sh*@@y first this evening ... the boys have both decided they LOVE the toilet.  Wilson runs and knocks on the bathroom door so that he can eventually climb up onto the toilet.  During bath time Cole points to the toilet smiling and waving. 

Over the past few days Wilson has had a pattern of grunt, run to the bathroom, and ask to climb on the toilet.  I've been helping him ... sit pants down to practice (although it's usually moments after he goes).  Tonight Wilson did his routine, then it was Cole's turn.  Cole grunted, ran to the toilet, and started pulling at his diaper.  Being helpful mommy, I helped him de-diaper and prepared to sit him on the toilet ... only then did I discover Cole has a whopper IN his diaper which in the process of swinging him up to the toilet landed all over my leg.  Worse still, Cole freaked when his diaper flew off and jetted his legs backward and down ... into the toilet. 

Oh boy.  Oh boys!

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Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

Sorry, made me laugh! You need a little potty just for the boys. Just a suggestion