Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toddler talk

The boys are very vocal now pointing and talking about everything.  Anytime we're in public they're saying "hi" to all passers by and if the person doesn't respond the boys keep shouting "hi" until the person waves or smiles or both.  My favorite is their "words" for known objects.  Here are some other terms:
  • Bicycle - ah-hole
  • Moon - mooooooo
  • Good night - nigh nigh
  • Mom - mymama
  • Dad - mydada
  • Brother - uh-her (while pointing)
  • Belly - elly (while pointing)
  • Nose - nooo 
  • Ears - eaa
  • Teeth - eeth
  • Bus - BUBUBUBU (they LOVE buses) 
 They're full of words and this is just a short list.  I love hearing my little smarties talk and they love discovering how to talk.  Their favorite book is a book with pictures of animals and shapes and they often sit and "read" the book pointing at the pictures and explaining what's in them.  They've also started talking quite a bit with each other.  In fact, when one is sleeping the other can't wait for him to wake up so they can chat - the thing is they're tricksters.  This morning Wilson was still fast asleep and Cole was up and ready to play.  Cole kept going to the bedroom door saying "nigh nigh" and as soon as he got into the bedroom he started rattling Wilson's bed saying "uh-her" in an effort to get Wilson up to play and chat. 

Twoddler talk.  It's the best.

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