Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Roundup: family, friends, and fun

What a terrific weekend!  Things are getting nutty at work, but family and friends provided great stress relieving breaks.  On Thursday we met up with our friend Lisa and her 2-year old Lila and new son Andrew for dinner.  We went to a restaurant called Tuta Bella which is a great Italian place in Seattle - there always seem to be more kids than adults which is quite refreshing when two energy filled toddlers are in tow. 

Friday my mom came to town and we enjoyed just "hanging" around the house with the boys.  The boys absolutely love their grandma and couldn't get enough pointing at things out the window and playing outside. 

Saturday we went to an amazing Dim Sum restaurant in Bellevue called Din Tai Fung with my cousin Rebecca, her wonderful husband John, and their kids Charlotte and John IV.  We had a ton of fun and it was definitely a juggling act trying to keep the dumplings away from the boys so they didn't pelt them across the restaurant.  Wilson had a fan group with the waitresses who kept coming over to say hi and play with him.  Such a ladies man!

Sunday we ventured out in the rain to Farmer's Market (a Sunday must) and later to play in the puddles.

All in all, a great weekend.

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