Monday, March 7, 2011

Race report: Lord Hill 10 mile

Yesterday I dusted off my trail running shoes and did my first trail race of the season ... and it was AWESOME!  I was on the fence about doing the race because I wonked my tailbone a few weeks ago slipping in the ice (heels + carrying a toddler + icy downhill sidewalk = major pain).  But I'm not one to pay for a race and not show up, so to the starting line I went.

The Lord Hills 10 mile was tough - it had a hefty 1,700 climb and mud galore.

So I'll skip to the finish - I came in 3rd overall, 1st female, and based on the preliminary race results, I have the new course record - WOOHOO!!!  The race has only been held once before, but I now have the course record by about 17min.

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PS Heels (not heals) are a bad idea when carrying babies on ice!