Saturday, May 28, 2011

And so I run

Not sure if it's allergies or a cold or just wanting a very long nap, but I've been laggy lately.  And hence comes the importance of run club - break the lag!  This morning I rose with the boys (OK, I let them chat for about 15min before getting them up), brushed teeth, put them in high chairs, kissed Matt while he was cooking pancakes in the kitchen, and bee-lined out the door to get to run club. 

I met with the Greenlake crew at 7am for a nice 8miler around town.  The run felt awesome.  We averaged about an 8min mile pace and the leaders had an incredible kick at the end (I just watched and trotted along in awe).  Nothing like a morning run to give some much needed energy for chasing the boys through the day.
And now, it's waiting time for an 11:30pm meeting for work.  Yes, work.  Yes, on Saturday.  Yes, during a 3-day weekend.  But I made it for a run this morning so I feel fine.

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Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

Nice, except for the work part!