Thursday, May 26, 2011

Race reports: trails to road

I'm late on two race reports (more important things got in the way I'm afraid) ... BUT, race season is upon us and I couldn't be happier.  Two weeks ago I did a 5 miler - the first in the Cougar Mountain series.  I did "meh" but it was definitely a good reminder race.  Some lessons learned:
  • Drink water!!!  I had a Pete's coffee and forgot water completely - after mile one I was dying
  • Wear trail shoes on trails - my old road shoes just didn't cut it
  • Have fun - OK, I had fun.  But the whole water thing threw me off.
I wound up coming in 3rd female with a blah time.  Again, lessons learned.

Last weekend I ran Seattle's Best 15k - the inaugural race.  I came in 3rd female out of 253 (but they gave me an award for 2nd because the first two tied - free clothes!) and 20th overall out 417 of with a time of 1:05:25 (7:01 mile pace).  This was a fun one as I started the race with the Greenlake run club guys.

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