Sunday, August 19, 2012

Toddler track time

Every time I go running now the boys want to go.  This morning I did the Lake Union 10K and as I was leaving the house at 6:30am, the boys were saying "I need to race" through closed tired eyes.  I promised I'd take them running later and jetted out the door.

Later in the morning (post-race) the boys and I made our way to the Queen Anne track.  Cole hopped out of the car already stretching his arms as he's seen me do.  Wilson followed picking his legs up for more stretches.  As soon as we hit the track Cole hollered "ready, set, go!" and was off sprinting.  Both boys ran a full 100 meters at top speed, then Wilson slowed down and finally asked to be carried; Cole kept sprinting the full lap.  At the end of the lap the boys enjoyed "power bars" and were ready to go again.  Cole got to the self-made starting line and turned to Wilson and I saying "you need to clap for me, I'll run," and off he went to our clapping.  Wilson quickly decided he was bored of clapping and ran off to catch up with Cole - then turned back and proclaimed "I'm all done - time for playground."

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