Sunday, October 28, 2012

7 day countdown to NY Marathon

7 days to go - cannot wait!  And still freaking out.  I just want to start running - it's the build up ... and everything after mile 20 ... that's tough.

Today's marathon prep included a short 3mi run with Matt and the boys in their stroller.  I think our stroller days are limited and coming to an end soon - two 3-year olds who weigh in at roughly 32 lbs each don't bode well for the hills of Queen Anne.

Post run we made our way to my cousin Rebecca's for a mega brunch filled with pastries, the best bloody mary's in the world, and lots of screaming 3-6 year olds.
When we got home the boys napped for maybe 20min, during which time my mom and I walked around Queen Anne with my mom playing paparazzi taking pics of all the cool Halloween decorations.  The picture fest was a good reminder to just take things in and enjoy the moment (race reminder to self - enjoy the moment!).  After our very short walk, we got home to garden in the rain with the boys before a mellow steak and salad dinner.

Here's a pic I love of my mom and one of the Taylor Two taking it in at the duck pond.

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