Monday, October 29, 2012

Money Saver Monday: Share!

We're trying to renovate our house and thinking of future investments which means I need to double down on personal spending (e.g. clothes and meals out).  In the interest of saving, I spent a LOT of time trying to find cheap hotels in New York for the marathon.  I looked at, Air BNB, and a youth hostel.  I booked at the hostel as it was only $50 a night, but then the thought of being with a bunch of drunk 20 somethings the night before the marathon ... not rad.

THEN, I learned a team from work was having a booth at the NY Marathon.  I have a runner friend on the team so I lobbed a call and invited myself into her room.  Weird?  Maybe.  Saving $50 on the hostel or $400 on a proper hotel?  Yep.  And, I'm psyched as now I get to stay at one of the coolest NY hotels - the Eventi.
And the countdown to NYM continues!...

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