Thursday, November 1, 2012

Conflicted - NYM 2012

My flight takes off tomorrow at 6am from Seattle to New York.  After all of the travesty from this week, I'm completely on the fence with the trip and the run.  The Marathon Facebook forum is blowing up with people saying the race will bring tons of money into the city and that it will show resilience.  Then there are others saying it's inappropriate to run - it's rude in the face of the storm.  Frankly, I feel both ways.  I do feel like I and other runners can and will bring money into the city.  I will also go prepared to volunteer with any pickup or donation efforts I can provide.

Here's a pic from a race in high school - during the run I got pushed down, after that I stood up and proceeded to lap the person who pushed me (insert bad word here).  At the end of the rates I went between tears of rage, pain, and joy and had an internal feeling of ultimate emotional confliction.  That's what I feel like now - I'm filled with a mix of sorrow and determination.

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