Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend roundup: kid time!

What a great and exhausting weekend.  Matt was out of town so the boys and I "hung."  Saturday we rose early and went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Then we were off to soccer and then play time at Ella's (the tree in her back yard feel down which turned into the best play structure ever). 

Saturday afternoon after a skipped nap hour, we packed up again and made our way to Little Gym for Jonny's birthday party (a buddy from school - it was the first event I've been to where I didn't know any of the adults, instead, I just knew all the kids).  At the party the kids went nuts on gym equipment and then played with their hipster glasses and fake mustache's they got as party prizes (at least I think hipster was the theme ... that or Groucho Marx).

Sunday we rose super early and headed out to run errands.  After hitting two markets and still managing to forget most of the things on my list, we went to Discovery Park for a "hike."  About 400 yards in we found a playground and zip line, so the hike was done, but we still had a blast.

Sunday afternoon was all about playing in the yard and gardening with our neighbors.  Just as the sun was setting we loaded up one more time to go pick Matt up downtown.  Driving down, we were lucky to enjoy an amazing sunset and view.  Loving Seattle in the Spring!

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