Sunday, June 23, 2013

A week behind! Weekend roundup.

Overdue, but here are highlights of an amazing weekend from last weekend ... the full Taylor clan was in town with Don, Kathleen, Gabe, and Amanda.  Our little casa was filled to the brim, and it was awesome.   Friday Kathleen and Amanda stayed home with the boys while the big boys (Don, Matt, Gabe) went golfing.  Saturday the entire house was up early so we made our way out for a hike in Discovery Park.  We wove down to the beach - on the way we found a tiny keebler elf ... aka Coley in a tree jumping out at every walker who came by and asking if they wanted a cookie.
At the bottom of the hill we hit the beach for some rock throwing.  Ambling around the beach (and trying desperately to find a potty ... only to let the boys go outside and then learning that they went just under surveillance cameras) we found a group of firefighters practicing in a parking lot.  One of the firemen was a twin himself - he helped Cole and Wilson start their firefighting training.
Sunday we made our way to Farmer's Market in Ballard to get some fresh goodies for a Father's Day BBQ.  After Farmers we spent more time gardening.  Our neighbors came over and John had won an Emmy!  So the boys got to play with his trophy a bit - which I'm sure filled him with a little bit of dread.
Monday it was time for the Taylors to go home - but  not without a LOT of story time!

 All in, good times.


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