Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bonney triathlon race report

What a weekend!  Last Sunday I decided I needed to "take it up a notch" so I registered for the Bonney Lake sprint triathlon.  That afternoon, I rented a wetsuit and made my way to Green Lake to test it for my first wetsuit swim.  Yuck!  The lake, not the suit. 

I took the wetsuit for a second test drive to make sure I could get it on / off and did a test in the bath.  Lame, I know, but when time is tight and the lake is nasty I take what I can ... 

Fast forward a week and the tri was Saturday morning and was awesome!  Matt and the boys came and it was fun getting ready and seeing the boys getting into the spirit.  I totally got into the spirit, too, chatting with triathletes ranging from 14 years old all the way to 80 years old - what a crowd.  The swim was HARD as I knew it would be - I hate to swim and stink at it.  The bike really wasn't bad except my bike only works on 3 gears which is less than rad. 

The run was OK, but I ran an extra half mile because the course wasn't marked on one hill. 

All in, though, I did OK - I came in 3rd in my age group with the following splits:
* Swim (.32 mi) - I was in 107th place and swam 0:10:43:7
* Bike (12.2mi) - I moved up to 96th place and biked 16.5MPH for a total time of 0:44:49:8
* Run (3.1mi) - I moved up to 45th place with a 7:41/M pace and a time of 0:23:50:3

My total time was 1:20:12:5 landing me in the 66.4%ile and 65th place, but 3rd in my age group (I prefer the last stat :) ). 

I have to say, this race led to one problem ... I want more! 

After the tri we enjoyed a great long weekend - proper roundup to come.

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