Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend roundup: parties, picking, and paddling

What a weekend!  Saturday I woke and did hot yoga.  When I was thoroughly de-stressed, the day was a double doozy with two 4-year old birthday parties.  The first was a golf party just down the hill from us at Interbay Golf course.  Such a cute idea ("Happy fore-th!")  Cole was totally into it and got a couple hole in ones both left handed and right handed.  Wilson on the other hand mainly wanted to see what was up with the water flowing through the course. 

After a quick nap, we were off to party #2 - a super hero theme.  The mom amazes me at her crafty-ness - she made capes and masks for every kid, decorated the entire house, and had more super-theme sweets than I could have ever imagined. 

Sunday we went blueberry picking with Nicole and RJ in the morning.  The boys were still wearing their masks ...

That afternoon we brought some friends who have newborn twins dinner and then went to a tri shop (I now have in my head that I need to do a tri soon).  I rented a wetsuite and we made our way home.  After dropping the boys off at home, I went to Green Lake to test the wetsuite - the water was nasty, but it was pretty fun swimming in the lake and not getting cold.

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